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CFMK has over 50 years experience of producing high-quality chipboard. Our chipboards are used for construction, finishing, manufacturing furniture and other consumer goods.
CFMK operates the latest DIEFFENBACHER line for continuous extrusion of up to 275 000 m3 of chipboard annually. BRUKS chippers and STEINMANN grinders are also used in production. High density and strength of outer layers (Chipboard) is achieved by using an optimum combination of northern species birch and spruce.
Melamine faced chipboard «NORDECO»
Melamine-faced chipboards produced under the NORDECO brand, covered melamine-based decorative papers of leading world manufacturers Interprint, Shattdecor, Impress, Lamigraf, Confalonieri; the company produces more than 100 modern decors with combination of four relevant structures; produced with formaldehyde class E1 and E0,5; film-faced chipboards with increased water resistance produced as well.
Birch plywood is the main product in the range of CFMK. Plywood is widely used in different industrial sectors including building, construction and furniture manufacturing. Our plywood production facilities are regularly upgraded and are equipped with the latest machinery from VALON KONE (debarking), RAUTE (rotary cut), KIKUKAWA (cutting), HASHIMOTO, RAUTE, FORRICH (edge bonding), STEINEMANN (sanding) and SUNWAY (drying).
Sawn wood
CFMK has started production of sawn softwood on a newly launched Swedish manufactured chipper canter line. The line allows production of various size edged boards.
Debarking of logs up to 600 mm in diameter is conducted on CAMBIO 70-66 BA machines. Logs up to 450 mm in diameter are processed on a KOCKUMS 240-15 chipper canter (No. 1 and No. 2) and on a twin shaft LINCK MKV-5 circular gang saw with 305 mm maximum cutting height. Sawn wood is dried in UTEC manufactured 1 000 m3 nominal capacity kilns meeting the requirements of National Standard — GOST 26002-83. Over 70% of the boards are exported to Europe.
Wood cement boards NORDECO
Wood wool (cement bonded particle) boards application in construction industry